Thoughts of a Guyanese Immigrant Witnessing Guyana’s 2020 Elections

Some thoughts.

My heart is in my throat as the world watches the chaos going on in Guyana right now. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my country, knows that I have never given up on it, knows that I go back every single year as often as I can because it is HOME and always will be. Y’all know that right? Cut me heart open and me guh bleed dem five color wah deh pon di flag 🇬🇾 It’s no secret that I am a proud daughter of Guyana. Continue reading

ON BROADWAY: A Little Light, A Lot of Love

This interview was conducted on January 5, 2011 and later published on February 9, 2011.

Today’s generation knows her best as Ugly Betty’s Claire Meade and Judge Elizabeth Donnelly in Law and Order: SVU. But those who have followed her extensive career over the years will remember Judith Light from the hit 80s sitcom Who’s the Boss? as Angela Bower, the successful advertising executive and single mother who hires a male housekeeper, played by Tony Danza.

Originally a stage actress, Light returned to the theater this past autumn after many years of not having worked on stage. She is currently starring in the role of Marie Lombardi in Broadway’s Lombardi and her performance has garnered rave reviews. I was fortunate enough to see Lombardi in December and even more fortunate to have met with her for an interview at the start of the new year. Continue reading